Fresh Prince of African Print

When preparing my posts I usually start with the photos,the narrative comes later and for some posts this being one of them I cant think of what to write… so here’s an interesting… Continue reading

Kamaa Hustler wa Mungu

Kamaa (short for Kamau) my alter ego/clone twin person is a very hardworking man. Some call him a con artist but he prefers the title hustler or at times sufferer wa mungu (second only… Continue reading

For the love of vintage

Call me a hoarder but I find it hard to throw away old stuff. I love collecting anything that I think will be a limited edition or has potential of being a collectors… Continue reading

Amos hearts Eunice

Once when I was young and very much in love I took a walk with my sweetheart to a stream that runs a few meters from my folk’s house. It’s a serene location,… Continue reading


Was introduced to these two about two weeks ago, another not so random but random shoot. SAMANTHA A beautiful young lady from Rwanda, she is quiet but a lot of fun once she… Continue reading

Aisha & Cathy

It’s been a while since I blogged. Laziness? Too busy? a bit of both probably coupled with the fact that I had been in the land with no internet for three months.  I’m… Continue reading

le miss trebles (the three ladies)

I know the title of the post sounds like a bad rendition of the movie Les Misérables  but I can assure you there was nothing miserable about that day,  the shoot was was kinda planned… Continue reading

Victoria + Michelle

I love kids, can’t wait to have my own someday so when my friend Michelle had her bundle of joy in December of last year I couldn’t wait to go see her. The little angel is… Continue reading


My sister is obsessed with fashion. At first we thought it was a phase and that it would pass but as time went by we realized it was a passion, see she drools… Continue reading

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