title   I met Thespian Elsaphan Njora on the set of the short movie ‘Rolex’ made for the 48 hour film project. He won best actor for his performance in the short.  I wanted to know how he does it and asked him over for a short interview.

 Did you grow up wanting to be an actor?

Yes! Growing up I didn’t have neighborhood kids to play with so playing by myself in a room I used to make up these worlds where I was a king a knight etc and through that my acting skills started budding.  I loved acting from a young age.

 What is your strong suite as an actor?

 Comedy is my strong suite. It comes naturally for me and I don’t struggle with it.

comedy edit

As much as comedy comes naturally I love challenges. I want to showcase my skill-set.

Any other skills apart form acting?

Yes I’m a spoken word artist and also a dancer. ( check  out one of his dance videos HERE )

Your greatest moment as an actor?

When I review my performance and I am pleased with it knowing I have done to my perfection.

Give me an example of this

The film ‘3 pastors and a crime’ and ‘Dunia ina Mambo’ –  Just a band music video.


Who are your film models?

E: To name a few Steve Katingina, Johnny Depp , Emma Watson and Sylvester Stallone.


Have you gone to acting school ?

E: Yes I have training in the art but at university level I took an undergraduate course in sociology and communication.

E: one thing I think about the higher education system in Kenya is, It lacks substance. it is now all about politics and no one pushes you to be proactive. This explains why there is a lack of art culture. there are no films, no spoken word battles and the like. In university we end up using only 10% of our creativity. This is wrong we should change this.


Tell me about eve of poetry

Eve of poetry originally was an idea for a scholarship that I pitched to my pastor knowing very well that I wanted to benefit from it and pay my tuition fees at Strathmore. So in the course of discussing it eve of poetry came to being.

The first event had nineteen poets and four audience members. I consider it the best E.O.P ever since it was the birth of something… the first. Our tagline for E.O.P is Express yourself and our mission is to nurture icons in the arts. We hold monthly events where poets and spoken word artists perform and it has grown from its humble beginnings to what it is today.

check our EOP on twitter here.


We hope to see Elsaphan in more local and certainly in international productions and I hope those budding actors reading this get motivated.

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“Hide not your talents, they for use were made, What’s a sundial in the shade?”  Benjamin Franklin