So last weekend I got a chance to be part of a team that took part in the 48 hour film project.

The 48 Hour Film Project is a contest in which teams of filmmakers are assigned a genre, a character, a prop, and a line of dialogue, and have 48 hours to create a short film containing those elements. Shortly after the 48 hours of film-making, the films from each city are then screened at a theater in that city.  The winning film gets a spot in the CANNES FILM FESTIVAL which is the like the mecca of indie film makers.

This is the first time the contest has been held in Nairobi and so we made history!

The films will be showing at the Junction Mall Century Cinemas on the 10th and 11th of December 2013 at 10.30 am and 7.00 pm on both days. here is a little more info; 48 hour film project Kenya (Tickets sold exclusively by Movie Jabber)

Here is a photographic account of how it went for Team Mizani.
mizani (23)

Friday 29th 7.00 pm: Our producer Christine and Writer Loi  after picking the team’s genre – comedy!

mizani (4)

Saturday morning around 2.00 am: our two writers Loi and Tyler brainstorming
mizani (15)

Barely getting any shut eye that night, Producer Christine and Director of Photography Mundi.
mizani (34)

Saturday 30th 8.00 am: Cast and crew do a read through of the script. From left Loi (writer), Philip (Actor), Tyler (Writer), Gillian (make up) Tracy (actress) mizani (47)

Maureen (Actress) getting her makeup done.mizani (59)

Saturday afternoon – Ian and Henry (Directors) on location Mike (Sound) looks on. mizani (81)

Ever notice how the Director is always pointing at something…mizani (103)

Actress Maureen and Actor Elsaphan Njora going through their scriptsmizani (122)

Actor Phil and Actress Tracy, Phil wasn’t rehearsing a scene… he was blushingmizani (140)

Actor Isaya and Tracy.


A crowd of curious kids gathered around and kept us company as we shot, I took these photos and promised to put them up on the Churchill show, if any of you kids grow up and get to read this..I’m very very sorry I hope my blog will suffice.
mizani (170)

Actor George gave the kids who had flocked in fascination quite a scare!

mizani (218)-Edit

Crying on cue is the mark of a good actress…

mizani (220)

D.O.P Mundi and Director Ian mizani (226)

Makeup tings
mizani (240)

Part of the crewmizani (243)

mizani (253)

Sound Gurus Mike and Davidmizani (262)

mizani (288)

would you buy from a shopkeeper who welcomed you like this?mizani (305)

One toothpick to rule them all!…

mizani (321)

Phil was either lost in the moment or enjoying the scent of the assortment of snacks and sweets in front of him

mizani (308)
mizani (349)

mizani (368)

Yes there is a scene with a guy in a towel in the middle of the day in a populated area!… you’ll have to watch the film and see what its all about… 😀

mizani (373)

mizani (374)

Its a wrap! Saturday evening: we cut it close, the owner of the location we used was getting impatient and wanted to cut the filming short but our producers Shedeur and Christine bought the team time with their awesome negotiation skills.
mizani (381)

Saturday night: editor Jimmy was working on the film , at about 2.00 am lights went off and he did everything he could with the laptops remaining charge, when he couldn’t push it any more drastic measures had to be taken…mizani (388)-Edit

Saturday 3.30 am David and Jimmy had to continue editing in the watchman’s booth which had electricity. Tough guys, they deserve a lot of props for their sacrifice. mizani (427)

Sunday Morning 9.00 am: D.O.P Emanuel with Directors Henry and Ian doing a final take on a scene that had yet to be shot.

mizani (473)

Sunday 7.00 pm The Micheal Joseph Center : The team breathed a sigh of relief after submitting the film ten minutes before the deadline (this means we were eligible to compete and get the film shown in the Cannes film festival if we win!!)
mizani (477)This was an awesome experience I learned a lot during those 48 hours I thought I knew a bit about production but there was a lot more to learn.

Two of the biggest lessons were

1. Discipline – everyone played their part, from filming to post production everything was seamless the directors and producers were on point and this helped team morale,

2. Commitment – some of the crew didn’t sleep for more than five hours in those two days and we all had to sacrifice comfort in one way or another to get the project ready in time, without this it wouldn’t have been possible to make and submit it in time. The sacrifice of every individual in a group that is striving for a common goal is paramount I was reminded of this by seeing team Mizani at work.

The nine competing teams put a lot of effort into this and it would be nice if you went and saw the films maybe critique and hopefully get inspired to make your own next year. Wish us luck!

To the Cast and crew of Mizani, Live long and prosper!