Fresh Prince of African Print

When preparing my posts I usually start with the photos,the narrative comes later and for some posts this being one of them I cant think of what to write… so here’s an interesting fact about the Ankara fabric.

Ankara was formerly known as Dutch wax print. It was originally manufactured by the Dutch for the Indonesian textile market. But, by mistake or design, these prints garnered significantly more interest in West African than in Indonesia. Recognizing this opportunity, the Dutch decided to focus on West Africa. (source Muse Origins )

IMG_1472-EditWhen taking the photos the model reminded me of the 90’s Will Smith…Hence the title of the blog post.




A few months ago, I wouldn’t think of owning African print anything but lately this fashion trend is starting to appeal to me, It looks awesome on the ladies and the guys are getting creative ways to add it to their attire. I would definitely buy a pair of African print converse sneakers if they start making them. IMG_1511

What you think about the African print/Ankara/Kitenge fashion trend? IMG_1527

Model: Nick Wanjohi

Assistant: Sheila M.