Kamaa Hustler wa Mungu

Kamaa (short for Kamau) my alter ego/clone twin person is a very hardworking man. Some call him a con artist but he prefers the title hustler or at times sufferer wa mungu (second only to bonoko of ghetto radio).

When asked what he does his answers are “this and that” or “clearing and forwarding” and there is the classic “I am in between jobs at the moment.” Which jobs exactly, we’ll never know.

As I said he is very hard working and very committed to what he puts his mind to but he always seems to be getting into trouble with the authorities. For some strange inexplicable reason Kamaa is always on the wrong side of the law.

Many a time do we see him being whisked away into a waiting police van, held by the tight grip of a burly police officer who has him by the back of his pants in what we call “kupigwa jecki /kupigwa jack” a.k.a involuntary wedgie. Poor Kamaa is always on the defense trying to clear his name as he tip toes due to the force of the wedgie.

“sasa nimefanya nini!!” (what have I done this time!?) he repeatedly asks…. His pleas falling on deaf ears…

Here are some photos I took of Kamaa before he went into hiding from the police… something about selling contraband goods which he vehemently denies doing.  (photo caption below)

“Cocaine?…What cocaine Mr Officer sir?…. ” – Kamaa


“Sio ati uongee mbaya sasa!..” ( Don’t talk dirty to me!)

“Kila mmoja na bei yake boss… vitu mpya…vitu ORIGINAL” –  Kamaa

Disclaimer: This is a fictional character I’m trying to develop for a short film and is not intended to hurt anyone. To all Kamaa’s out there please don’t take offence.

Laugh at yourself first before anyone else can – Elsa Maxwell

Have a nice day folks!