For the love of vintage

Call me a hoarder but I find it hard to throw away old stuff. I love collecting anything that I think will be a limited edition or has potential of being a collectors item and in so doing I end up storing up very useless stuff (or is it?). Sometimes though I get lucky and something nice or valuable does fall into my lap that is worth it, an example is my Lubitel 2  medium format twin-lens reflex camera, it belonged to my dad and still works but unusable because it’s almost impossible to find its film. I know one day this baby will be worth a lot. 

There’s not much to say so enjoy these photos of some vintage and not so vintage stuff.


remember the telephone 746? (left) …dial one incorrect digit and you have to start over, turning that dial ring one digit at a time.



Ye olde typewriter IMG_0763-2

This T.V belonged to my granddad. IMG_0782-3