Amos hearts Eunice

Once when I was young and very much in love I took a walk with my sweetheart to a stream that runs a few meters from my folk’s house. It’s a serene location, trees, birds and in the right season a green carpet of soft grass covers the ground. Ideal for picnics or just lying in the grass and enjoying someone’s or your own company. It’s the kind of place some corporate mind (probably a pot bellied man in a fedora) will come fence off one day and charge a fee for guys to enter and enjoy the scenery, probably build some gazebos and have one man guitar show on Friday night with nyama choma/chemsha tayari… I digress, back to my sweetheart and I. We sat there enjoying each others company for what seemed like hours then since I felt oh so lovey dovey I carved out our initials in a tree by the stream and made a promise that I’d be hers forever she said she’d be mine too….. IMG_2212 We broke that promise, things didn’t work out like we envisioned them but such is life eh!?… So last weekend as I was visiting my folks I decided to take a walk down to that stream and take photos of the tree with our initials in it. I got there, the stream was full to the banks, grass was green and the sun was perfect but there was no tree. IMG_6814 Close to where “my tree” was I found another with names carved into it. Amos ‘hearts’ Eunice! it said. I started thinking “Maybe Amos saw the need to uproot any other tree with initials on it to mark his territory?”  IMG_6834

What was evident was the fact that it was Amos and Eunice’s spot now…


As I walked back I saw these two crows that had built a nest on a security light pole. I stood there trying to get a good shot of the two crows together but I wasn’t lucky with that.


talk about analog to digital migration.