Aisha & Cathy

It’s been a while since I blogged. Laziness? Too busy? a bit of both probably coupled with the fact that I had been in the land with no internet for three months.  I’m back now, determined to not only take photos but to also share them. What good do the gigabytes of pictures do sitting in folders in your computer?

My friend Jero and I had talked on doing a fashion photography project but  this one was random, She organized for the location in Karen’s leafy suburbs and got our two models Cathy and Aisha. My friend Chiso also came and made a video of the whole thing! we’ll put that up once its ready.

The weather was kind, it was sunny with a blanket of  thin cloud cover… God’s soft box.

Here are the results.

Say hi to Cathy.

cathy 3

cathy 2

cathy 1

cathy new

and Aisha –


aisha 2

aisha 6

Aisha is the reigning Miss Fabulous  and a contender for Miss Nairobi she has an awesome mission to support teen moms. lets help make her “HOPE 4 TEEN MOM CAMPAIGN” a reality by voting for her here

I strung my sister along too for creative input and to help me carry my gear. 🙂



Thank you  Jerono, Chiso and Sheila for making this!

and thank you (yes you) for stopping by!

“If you do not enjoy what you are doing, you will never be good at it” – Luke Parker